The Committee

The Piane di Bronzo Prize committee is formed by:


Marco Francini
The President
Born in Civitavecchia 1986. Graduated in Biological Sciences, passion and study lead him to Trieste where he resides to date, working in science and technologies for the environment and nature.
Tiziana Laudi Born in Civitavecchia 1971.
Work and commitment lead her to get involved and accept delicate assignments related to social matters for associations within the Tuscania territory.
Luigi Francini Born in Tarquinia 1960. Painter and scultpor, lives and works between Tuscania and Rome. Since 1985 many have been the exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In September 2010 he inaugurates the Piane di Bronzo cultural association in Tuscania, a place for an ideal project embracing the development of art and culture.
Giovanni Andrea Semerano Born in Rome 1968. Film director, since 1999 is the director of the Cultural Center La Camera Verde in Rome.
Matias Guerra Herreros Born in Santiago (Chile) 1973. Artist, has lived in Ecuador and UK, currently lives and works in Milan. Since 1990 is promoter of many cultural projects, from 2000 has performed and exhibited in Italy and abroad.